what Our clients are saying

Harmad parrots my 10 years parrot which i bought 9 years ago from you guys.
Zena Stephen Dunn
Got a little baby! Great little girl she will go on anyone. She is a Velcro bird to the max tho.
steve wipperfurth
Harmad parrots is incredible. At first, i taught this was a scam. then i did my research for a week.
Nissan Carlman
My family and I decided to buy a 22 yr old special needs CAG about a week ago.
marie kindle
Thanking Mr.Harmad for this Rich Selection of this african gray parrots I’m welcoming two new beauties into my life.
makayla leaver
I bought my new baby 2 days ago.my baby thinks he is a real boy
Lingesveri naidoo
My daughter has been doing Tik Toks so now our bird got in on it too
leslee sanfilli
Hi maybe harmad Parrot Breeders can help me out I’ve been given a baby love bird been told he is 4 weeks old
Kerriann Birkinshaw
Guys, this is crazy. I am seriously just boggled in the brain right now.
Kaycie Keith
I bought One CAG egg from Reddington Parrot Breeders 25 years back.That hatched into a baby girl.
Kaythy parker
Today marks 1 week since i got my little 9 weeks old baby grey with Harmad Parrot Breeders
Joann Steele
Kika is such a lover!! ANYONE can take her out & she immediately extends her neck for a kiss. Tango is really talking more. It’s funny. Not only does he say ‘step up’ but now he clearly says ‘Stop it’, ‘Zip it’ and ‘no’;. ;;s so funny when the other birds start making noise, Tango goes ‘Stop it’ or ‘Zip it’. He just started telling Kika ‘No’ and to ‘Stop it’ when she gets noisy. He’s still the noisiest of all though.”
Hannah F, 2 Time Cockatoo Customer
Today is my first night with my new parrot. This morning i served him food and he is a picky Eater
Debbie Bacon
Today we lost out 25 year old Eclectus . He passed in the night.
Carina Ball
We were eating breakfast and the only way to eat in peace is to give her a treat.
Babara smock
Mr. Harmad, i cannot tell the sex of a grey from appearance, only dna,
Ali McLeod
My Harmad, gave me a good lesson( demonstration) on Facetime on how i should clip my birds wings
Alice Smalley